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Bracco Italiano

Domare: Olga Grin

DK JV-12 Nuits Rocca Di Montemassi SE52459/2011
(SE V-10 NO V-10 NO UCH SE V-11 C.I.E FI V-12 Heinäaron Amico Intimo – C.I.E DK UCH NO UCH NORD V-12 Nuits Dolce Vita)
Äg Yvonne Hansén, Ålberga
»Excellent ?. Very good type. Properly ? with very strong attitude of 2 years. Very good head, strong skull. Correct set ears. Excellent top and underline. Well balansed movements with outstanding drive in rear. Excellent presentation.«
Exc 1, Ck, bhkl 1, Cert, CACIB, BIR


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